PCB Design

We provide specialist solutions for all aspects of printed circuit board design, covering the entire range of technologies. Over the past decades we have completed over 10,000 designs, destined for an extremely diverse range of applications, from deep-sea to outer-space! Whether your arena is automotive, military, consumer or broadcast, ALS has the necessary expertise to successfully design your printed circuit board.

Printed circuit board design is our principal activity. The last decade has seen the PCB evolve from a substrate that simply connects all the components together… to perhaps the most critical component in your system. Designing a PCB for today’s technologies requires a very high level of knowledge and experience. Advanced Layout Solutions has selected the “best-in-class” PCB design tools and employs a team of full-time designers who are expert in their use.


One of our major strengths is that all our designers are expert in the same tools. This gives us great flexibility in terms of workload. For very large, complex designs we are able to have several designers working on the same design simultaneously, overcoming the “PCB-layout bottle-neck ” experienced by many project managers. This approach can slash unacceptable PCB turnaround times and give a great reduction in a product’s time-to-market.

Third Party Tool Flows

We have the ability to import and translate netlists and existing layouts from virtually any design tools. This means that we can support an extremely wide user base, despite which CAE tools are favoured by the client.

On-Site Design Team

As designs become more complex and constraint driven, we recognise that some customers wish to have our services available to them at their own site. Despite our extensive use of online meeting services, there are occasions when nothing can beat being on-site. To this end we can provide staff and hardware for a fixed period or on an hourly basis. This service extends to both PCB layout and signal integrity analysis.